The Kensington Association is inviting residents of Kensington and interested parties partake in a survey regarding the ammenity of Kensington.

To access the survey, please click here.

This survey explores your views about the amenity of our suburb. Since 1977 the members of the Kensington Association have worked to maintain and develop the amenity of Kensington. This survey focuses on what members of the Kensington Association might do to protect and enhance that amenity in the future. The survey closes on July 26th.   Once the survey results have been collated, a summary will be posted on the Kensington Association website and we will hold a community gathering focusing on what members of the Association can do in response to the comments in the survey.

THOSE WHO TAKE PART IN THE SURVEY will be invited to attend the community event on the afternoon of Saturday 10th August. Priorities for action will be developed and presented to the Kensington Association AGM to be held from 4:30pm that same day.

Even if you can’t make it to the community event your opinions and ideas are important to us. Answering this short survey will not take long and is a great chance to have your say.

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