Arts and Craft Market a big success

Thanks to Penny for organising and David, Janine, Michael and Margaret for lending a hand at the Kensington Association stand at the first Kensington Arts & Craft Market. We made lots of friends, told taxpayers aboout the East West Link tollway impact locally and across the state and signed up new members. We also tucked into tarts and bought up on gifts, and who could resist the jewellery, not to mention the pickles and honey? Come one and all to the next … Continue reading

RACV membership – have a say on priorities

If you are an RACV member you have received voting papers for the RACV  Board elections. The RACV has come out in support of the East West link, despite a large majority of members saying that public transport and improving metropolitan roads are their priority. Some candidates agree, in particular Trent McCarthy. The Coalition of Transport Action Groups has prepared a candidate scorecard – it includes questions about the importance of bicycle infrastructure too check it out and make your vote … Continue reading

Looking Back at Doutta Galla what do you remember?

Doutta Galla Community Health has been an integral part of the Kensington community since the 70s.  Lead by Dr Aron Paul, a professional historian and educational writer, a reference committee is working its way through the last four decades of official records to glean highlights for a book on the history of this great community institution. If you have historical data, photos, articles or any other information on Doutta Galla’s past, please contact Colomba Catalano on 9377 7117 or email … Continue reading

Local whiz kid off on an adventure – thanks to Pratt Foundation

You may have seen Anthony Bartl whizzing around Kensington in his electric wheelchair. Anthony is a C1 Quadriplegic on a ventilator but that doesn’t stop him living his dreams and being involved.  Anthony is Youth Section Editor of the Flemington Kensington News and won $50,000 on Eddie McGuire’s Millionaire HotSeat. Thanks to the Pratt Foundation, he now has fresh funds to take a film crew to South Africa in early October to make a documentary about people with disabilities and the … Continue reading

Voting in the Seat of Melbourne: Adam Bandt MP, returned

Congratulations to Adam Bandt, and his hard-working team, on being returned to parliament by the majority vote in the seat of Melbourne. The Kensington Association Meet the Candidates event the week before the election was a popular exercise in democracy. As you may have seen in the Flemington Kensington News, we attracted a good crowd, as usual. Does attending these events make a difference?  We think so. Here are the primary votes of those who came to our event: Kate Borland, … Continue reading