Rally Saturday 28th June; no more traffic in Kensington

Attend the rally on Saturday – we need to let the government know that we do not want more rat-running through Kensington (caused by the East West Link) and actually we do not want more traffic – it stinks and is noisy! Gather with other Kensington folk, at 12:30 and put on ear protection and face mask if you like (provided) at the Association’s banner. We are starting from outside Storey Hall, 342 Swanston St and will go the whole … Continue reading

One-way screws for number plates – free protection

Operation Safe Plate Saturday 21st June  from 10am to 2pm at the Vic Roads car park, Lygon Street Carlton. Operation Safe Plate is an initiative that aims to combat the theft of registration plates and possible follow-on crimes such as petrol theft and toll evasion.  Police and Carlton Housing Estate Neighbourhood Watch volunteers will be on hand to remove original number plate screws and fit the one-way anti-theft screws. Theft of number plates from vehicles continues to be an issue … Continue reading

The Venny fundraiser – we need to help

Thursday 26th June 8pm-11pm The Venny fundraiser at Local Folk cafe, corner of Epsom and Bayswater Roads. Book at http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=89380 ‘Venny Fundraiser’. As you know, our adventure playground, The Venny, has had its federal funding cut, and this means an immediate effect on programs such as the Girl’s Group and Meals Nights, not to mention the inevitable impact on its wonderful staff. The Venny is more than a playground for outdoor fun, it also provides many a refuge, somewhere they … Continue reading

Traffic pollution a big killer

The Cost of Air Pollution: Health Impacts of Road Transport  OECD report released 21/05/2014 Air pollution is costing advanced economies (plus China and India) an estimated USD 3.5 trillion a year in premature deaths and ill health and the costs will rise without government action to limit vehicle emissions, this new OECD report says. Air pollution has now become the biggest environmental cause of premature death, overtaking poor sanitation and a lack of clean drinking water. In most OECD countries, … Continue reading

Citylink noise measuring

Contact Citylink to come and test the noise levels at your place.  We need data to be able to argue that if Citylink is to be expanded from 6 to 8 lanes and traffic speed increased from 80 to 100kph we already have noise which is above the current limit, and Transurban must apply sound attenuation measures as part of any changes. Given the plan is to increase the capacity of Citylink to carry an extra 30%, we need to establish that Kensington … Continue reading