Pedestrian Crossing at rail tunnel going ahead

Works have started on  two pedestrian (zebra) crossings in Eastwood (at Smith) and Bellair Streets. We welcome Council’s initiative to improve ‘local connectivity’ and are currently talking with the rail people about getting the surface of the tunnel smoothed out and some lighting. If you or anyone you know has tripped on that uneven surface, or of any other problems please let us know ASAP.

noise annoys so we are getting the facts

The last general meeting of the Association determined to engage an independent sound consultant to take readings across Kensington so we have our own, independent baseline information for submission/complaints. Sites we are thinking of will establish 24 hour 7-day sound readings for our major thoroughfares and we will take advice in regard to strategic placement across the suburb. Let us know your views  

CityLink Tulla widening dodgy business case

On August 19 the Victorian Government Auditor General released a report on how the Government has assessed unsolicited or ‘market led’ proposals for infrastructure projects.  The AG looked specifically at the $1.3 billion CityLink Tullamarine widening project and the $2.5 billion Cranbourne Pakenham Rail Corridor project. The office found that in the case of the CityLink Tulla widening the assessment process used by the Department of Treasury and Finance to decide whether the project had merit had some major failings: … Continue reading