The Kensington Association has been busy working at securing an improved consultation process with Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) and the various contractors who are developing and constructing the Western Portal in South Kensington. As part of that activity we have developed the following two page position statement ‘Metro Rail Tunnel – The Kensington perspective’ – that describes our concerns and what could be done to address them.

Metro Tunnel _Kensington perspective 260618

Following several months of frustrating communications with Cross Yarra Partnerships (CYP) – on issues like the relocation  of the HV tower in Hobsons Road and the traffic management plan – several KA committee members have made representations to the Minister’s Office and several others have made their voices heard at the recent June meeting of RPV’s ‘Kensington and Arden Community Reference Group’ (CRG).

A case has been put for urgent reform of the current consultation process so that it will produce ‘real’ and meaningful engagement with the local community. This includes: an integrated, holistic consultation process across the major contractors, transparent and timely sharing of key information, and a proactive (verses reactive) engagement with community to hear and address local resident and business concerns.

At the 21 June Kensington-Arden CRG meeting we were able to secure a agreement from Rail Projects Victoria that they, as the responsible government authority, will commit to co-ordination of the consultation around CYP and Rail Infrastructure Alliance (RIA) activities. We continue to work on the specific issues of timely communication with residents about current works, mitigation of noise, vibrations, dust and toxic waste, dilapidation assessments, relocation offers and, of course, traffic management.

This is just the beginning of a longer story.  Please watch these webpages for updates and contact us direct to raise your concerns and offer your support. Note that John Holland is offering a drop-in Information Session at Bill Vanina Pavilion, JJ Holland Park on Thursday 28 June from 5pm to 8pm.

For now, please see attached RPV’s Metro Tunnel Works Notification Construction Update – June 2018

Kensington-MetroTunnel construction-June

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