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 Who we are

The Association was established by a group of residents in 1997 and followed on the proud traditions of previous Kensington action groups such as the Flemington/Kensington Progress Association and the Kensington Social Action Group.

Our members are just like you – Kensington people who are committed to a bright future for our community.  We are not-for-profit, supported by member fees and grants, and coordinated by a volunteer Steering Committee elected each August at our Annual General Meeting.

Our mission of the protect and enhance the amenity of Kensington on behalf of all residents.

What we do

Over the years the Association has been the driving force behind several successful campaigns to protect and enhance the amenity of Kensington, including successfully opposing the use of the Broadmeadows Rail Line for a 24hr airport rail service (when the Albion freight route was available), reuniting the former Moonee Valley section of Kensington back under the City of Melbourne, and pursuading the then State Labor Government not to use JJ Holland Park as a staging and construction site for any East-West road tunnel. We are currently working to stop the East West Link Port Connection tollway marching across the suburb taller and closer than CityLink and the whole project, which would only bring even more traffic to Kensington and Flemington Streets.

We monitor the emergence of building development proposals in Kensington and if we regard them as inappropriate, we assist residents to mobilize against them.  We have also participated actively in City of Melbourne plans for urban renewal in sections of Kensington, making sure that residents were aware that they could make submissions.

The Association also undertakes community-building projects. They have included facilitating local not-for-profit organizations, publishing two brochures about making Kensington more disability-friendly, working with the City of Melbourne on rules for the Kensington Community Gardens, sitting on the community consultative committee for the re-develoment of Holland Park.   In the later 1990s the Association produced a Kensington festival. We supported the Australia Day Festival held in 2013 and advertised the event in subsequent years, as we happily support other community initiatives.

You are cordially invited!

Why be a member?  While there is no obligation to join, we cordially invited you to consider becoming a member.  Our mission – to preserve and enhance the amenity of Kensington – may be something your are interested in.  Joining is also a way of contributing to that mission just by being a member.  More members means more influence.  You could assist in running the Association or being the driving force behind a project that takes your fancy.  In any case, you will get frequent information about current issues via our emails, this website, and our Facebook page.

For information about becoming a member, click here.

Thank you for supporting the Association

We appreciate and thank our members, many of whom have maintained their membership for 10 or more years.  We also appreciate the continuing support from the City of Melbourne via its Community Services Grant program for funds to pay for stationery, printing and Internet expenses.

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