Kensington Association will be having its next general meeting of 2017-2018 on Monday 4 December 2017 at Mr Griffths Bar (upstairs), Macaulay Rd.,7.00pm – 8.00pm. The meeting with be followed by end-of-year celebration drinks and eats. The general meeting of November was held over due to the extensive update on the Metro Rail Project by the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority, and the intensive discussion that followed. Minutes of the last general meeting, the October meeting, and earlier meetings, can be viewed below:

KA_Minutes_October 2017

KA_Minutes_Sept 2017

KA Meeting Minutes July 2017

KA Minutes June 2017

KA Meeting Minutes May 2017

KA Minutes April 2017

KA Minutes_Mar 2017

KA Minutes-Feb 2017




Draft KA Minutes AGM pt 1 Aug 2016

AGM_Minutes_3 Aug_2015


KA Minutes June 2016

KA Minutes May 2016

KA Minutes April 2016

KA Minutes March 2016

KA Minutes Feb 2016

KA Minutes October 2015

KA Minutes Sept 2015

KA Minutes July 2015

KA Minutes_Jun_2015




KA Minutes Feb 2015


KA Minutes Oct 2014


Draft_KA_AGM_2014 _Minutes

KA AGM 2013 Minutes



kensington_town_hall as May 2014 mtg KA

Residential Zoning Presntn-KA+7+April+2014



November 2013

October 2013

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End of year function, December 2012

November 2012

October 2012

September 2012

Annual General Meeting, August 2012 (unconfirmed)

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February 2012

Annual General Meeting, Aug 2011

Annual General Meeting, August 2010

Annual General Meeting, August 2009

Annual General Meeting, August 2008

Annual General Meeting, August 2007

Annual General Meeting, August 2006

Annual General Meeting, August 2005

Annual General Meeting, September 2004

Annual General Meeting, August 2003 [missing]

Annual General Meeting, August 2002

[Minutes of other meetings available on request]

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