Meetings of the Association are held on the first Monday evening of each month, except for November (often held over till the second Monday because of Cup Day) and January (no meeting). We meet at 7.30 pm at Kensington Town Hall, Bellair Street, Kensington.

2019-2020 Steering Committee 

Chair                                   Simon Harvey
Secretary                             Fran Araneda
Treasurer                            Tony Ceddia
Membership Secretary     Tony Ceddia
Other Committee members  Maritza Araneda, David Ettershank, Therese Fitzgerald, John Widmer, Liz Forbes and Moira Yffer.

Subcommittee leaders and Advisers
Police Liaison                             Therese Fitzgerald
Moonee Ponds Creek               John Widmer
Rail Strategy, MetroRail         Matt Hammond
Westgate Tunnel Project        Fran Araneda
VRC development                   David Brown
Younghusband redevelopment  Rilke Muir

If you have an idea of concern about a local issue, bring it along to a meeting.

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