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A Beautiful Industrial Village For The Common Good


A Beautiful Industrial Village For The Common Good

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Younghusband is a 100 year old wool store, covering almost two inner city blocks in Kensington. Located less than 10 minutes from the centre of Melbourne and a four minute walk to Kensington Train Station.

The Impact Investment Group purchased the Younghusband building in December 2016 with a deep commitment to the principles of sustainability, connection, collaboration and belonging. We are proudly rejuvenating these remarkable sites. Over the next five years we’ll create spaces for a rich mix of businesses, creators, makers, and doers.

Building on the rich heritage of this site, we are now actively building a community of organisations (large and small) to create a new era for Younghusband together. Join us!

The Story

The Younghusband site is a collection of buildings centred on a Kensington wool store built in 1906. Over the next five years, Impact Investment Group will rejuvenate the historic Younghusband precinct into a beautiful industrial village.

This multi-layered, diverse precinct will ultimately be spread across four warehouse levels and the two neighbouring properties. Younghusband will become a fully functioning village with an activated laneway, communal greenspace and high quality workspaces


Construction of the first building in the complex (Wool Store No. 1) is thought to have began in 1900-1, soon after woolsellers R Goldsbrough Row and Co purchased the land. In 1902, Younghusband & Co, a woolbroking and stock agent founded by Isaac Younghusband in 1889 took over the company and the site, becoming Younghusband Row and Co.

Within a few years, the impressive four-storey red-brick building featuring a sawtooth roof had been extended southward, with the additional essentially using the same construction and design. Architects Oakden and Ballantyne are thought to have been responsible for the original building design, as they did work on the building during 1906. Other notable additions include those in Elizabeth Street from around 1928 which appear to be the design of renowned architect Arthur William Purnell.

Younghusband Ltd is a company of national significance to the wool industry and the complex has been identified as a rare example of surviving wool stores in Victoria.

The complex was operated by Younghusband until at least the 1970s. In recent years, the former wool store been adapted for a diverse range of uses including as an arts hub, home large and small creative businesses, and as a costume store for the Australian Ballet

References: Graeme Butler & Associates 1985 ‘Flemington and Kensington Conservation Study’ (1985)

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