Help track our birds

If you like to watch birds, and wonder where they nest, you will enjoy taking part in the City of Melbourne’s first-ever ‘HollowBlitz’,a citizen science project to identify birds nesting in tree hollows in our municipality. The Kensington HollowBlitz location is the Stock Route and surveys will be held from 5:30 to 7:30pm on Friday and Saturday 3rd and 4th November. Take part in one, some or all these events in support of our birdlife.) Register here for this free event: Questions to … Continue reading

Local MP wants your views on dying with dignity

When our local State MP, Ellen Sandell, came to our October meeting she not only told us about what she is doing around the topical local issues, but also said she is seeking the views of her constituents on the dying with dignity legislation that will take up a lot of the remainder of the Victorian parliamentary year. While both houses will be allowed a conscience vote, she is keen to gauge the views of the people of her electorate … Continue reading

Our Westgate Tunnel Submission concentrates on a new park

Thanks to the great team who worked so hard on the presentation to the Panel on September 13. As well as raising traffic issues, we are keen to see the Moonee Ponds Creek finally become a parkland we can easily utilise. See the Kensington Association Submission to the WGTP IAC_130917 and Appendix #1 – MPC – New Linear Park Concept – Land Ownership & Zoning and the Kensington Association KA Powerpoint Presentation 10SEPT2017 

Changes to membership fees

At the 2017 Annual General Meeting in August the membership agreed that the Association ought to amend membership fees to bring them into line with current costs of operating the Association. It was noted that membership fees had not been adjusted for over five years. The AGM instructed the Steering Committee to review membership categories, increase all fees by $5, and examine a fixed date for annual membership renewals. Accordingly the general meeting of 4 Sept 2017 moved and agreed: … Continue reading

YoungHusband plans – consultation and tours now

YoungHusband Woolstore plans. Have a look around the site and have your say. The new owner of the YoungHusband Woolstore complex, Impact Investment Group (IIG), claims to be committed to delivering social and environmental performance across all its projects and it sounded interesting at the introduction to the project at the April meeting. The community engagement program this month includes “a series of ‘walk and talk events’ and workshops. Book now