Welcome to Kensington, Victoria!

On behalf of the Kensington Association, our local residents’ action group, welcome. Thanks to a grant from the City of Melbourne we are  able to produce “Welcome to Kensington” materials for new arrivals to Kensington, . Click on links above to download the .pdf files or contact us to have a kit dropped off to you.

Kensington is a great little suburb and we are proud of it. Many people comment on the village-like atmosphere. The Macaulay Road – Bellair Street shopping precinct is a hive of activity and we suggest you support local businesses – if you don’t use it, you lose it.   Our café strip is famous, and occasionally, we even see tourist buses come through!

Our suburb is well serviced by public transport, with four  railway stations (Kensington, South Kensington, Macaulay and Newmarket) plus the 402 bus (Footscray-East Melbourne route) along Macaulay and Kensington roads, the and the 57 tram along Racecourse Road from Elizabeth Street in the city

You will find that people are friendly and public-spirited. Shopkeepers will get to know you and soon you will be greeted by, and be greeting, people on the street. There are also many groups, clubs, activities and public services here, as you will see from the Community Services Guide.

The Kensington Association is a non-profit resident action group consisting of people just like you – residents and traders who are committed to the future of our community. Our aim is to maintain and develop our suburb’s unique character and enhance of amenity of Kensington for the benefit of all residents.

You are also most welcome to attend our meetings. They are held at 7:30pm on the first Monday of each month (except November and January) at the Holy Rosary School, Gower Street. As a new resident of Kensington, we invite you to join our Association. Details are on the above brochure or email us on info@kensingtonassociation.org.au

I wish you the very best for your new life here.


Rilke Muir
Kensington Association

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