The Venny

The Venny is a communal backyard and play space for children aged five to 16 years old from the Kensington public housing estate and surrounding areas. It is located in JJ Holland and is funded by the City of Melbourne and the Federal Government.

The new building

The new facility was designed and built sustainably. Refurbished
shipping containers form part of the building and it feautures a green ‘planted’ roof, water recycling and other environmentally-friendly elements.

The building has been designed to suit the needs of users, while also showcasing passive solar design and other ecologically-sustainable development principles. The green roof and rain water harvesting are also in keeping with the educational function of the building.
The building also features a large community art piece – a colourful display which forms part of the floor in the main area.

For Further information on the Venny, please click here.

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