Doutta Galla Community Health considers merger proposal

The information below is a copy of a media release regarding Doutta Galla Community Health considering a merger proposal.

June 20, 2013
Media Release
Doutta Galla Community Health considers merger proposal
The Board of Doutta Galla Community Health has announced this week that it is conducting due diligence on a proposal to merge with Western Region Health Centre and North Yarra Community Health.

This is the first step in a process which could see the three organisations make the final decision to merge in about 12-14 weeks time. If due diligence is completed satisfactorily, the Boards will move ahead with appointing a new Board and CEO for the merged entity, with the new organisation in place early next year.

The CEOs of the three community health organisations, Caz Healy, Lyn Morgain, and Vera Boston, told their combined staff this week that the merger proposal is under consideration.

“We have been looking at a proposal to merge for some time and this is not a decision that has been made lightly. The leadership teams and Boards of all three organisations have worked hard in recent months to test the concept of a merger and the benefits that would flow from it.”
The management of all three organisations said they firmly believe that a merger presents an exciting opportunity to be proactive in securing the future of three successful organisations.

“Uniting three strong, values-based agencies will not only deliver a larger organisation which can compete more effectively for funding, but will also give us the means to be a more influential advocate for accessible, equitable health services,” they said.
The CEO of Doutta Galla Community Health, Caz Healy, said that services would continue as normal through the due diligence process and beyond, with the maintenance of high quality local health services, in local communities, the highest priority.
“Doutta Galla Community Health has a strong history of providing quality health care focusing on the most disadvantaged in our community.

If this proposal continues, we feel that our core values of caring, collaboration, respect, professionalism, accountability and innovation will be carried through into a larger, stronger organisation well positioned to provide and advocate for excellence in local, accessible health care.”

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