C190 will change the face of Kensington

We attended the Future Melbourne Committee (planning) on 4 June and presented the community's concerns about C190 (again!).  For two years, we've said 'too high, too dense, no guarantee of sufficient open space'.  Last December there were 100 submissions from Kensington, and most mentioned at least one of those concerns.  Each of these aspects is still a problem.  However, there were some improvements:  Cr Rohan Leppert (Kensington resident) played a leading role at the meeting to get three amendments passed.  In summary: 1. Heights on both sides of Macaulay from Barnett to Stubbs will now be reduced from 20m to 10.5m, with all upper storeys set back and not visible from the street; 2. Developers must now demonstrate community benefit before they get the 30{bf13af3cd071fe7c10e51e8a32ec589add2d369b9cd351f59963a207f6f5bddf} discretionary increase in height; and 3. A measure to encourage allocation of land for a school in the North Melbourne.  More would have been better, but we endorse these amendments as significant, and thank Councillors for supporting them.  Nevertheless, we regard the population density as still too great, the allowed building height of 20m + 30{bf13af3cd071fe7c10e51e8a32ec589add2d369b9cd351f59963a207f6f5bddf} still too high and sufficient open space is still only a hope.  The amendment will now go to a Panel.  You will be able to make further submissions and appear before the Panel.  Go HERE for minutes of the 4 June meeting including who said what and the amendments (if you're that keen, you can even listen to the audio!).

(Footnote:  Cr Ong moved an amendment to allow an increase in heights from 20m to 28m in Section 6 - between Boundary Road and CityLink, North Melbourne.  This proposal was a surprise to us and seemed to lack a rationale.  It was opposed by Cr Leppert and Oke.  However, the amendment was passed, resulting in 1000s more residents than previously planned.)

Councillors also endorsed a new levy on development to be spent on infrastructure and a levy for open space purchases.  Cr Leppert successfully moved that officers immediately approach landholders in the C190 area to purchase a parcel of land for open space, to underline that Council is serious about this.

Go HERE to see the complete text of the amendments.

While we welcome these amendments, and see them as significant and beneficial, they do not address our fundamental concern about excessive population increases envisaged by C190.   We will still have high density development that is predominantly 20m (6 storeys) with 30{bf13af3cd071fe7c10e51e8a32ec589add2d369b9cd351f59963a207f6f5bddf} additional being possible, another 2 storeys, making 8 storeys total across much of the Kensington C190 area.  The next step is for the Minister to appoint a Panel.  We will appear at the Panel and continue to put this view.

The Kensington Association submission C190, Dec2012



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