East West Link

A 2013 attempt to create a new tollway marching along the Moonee Ponds Creek, closer to homes and on to wipe out Dembys Park playground, then into Royal Park and Alexandra Parade, was defeated in the State election of November 2014. An additional elevated tollroad  in Kensington would add to the noise and pollution from traffic. Homes and businesses, as well as the green space along the Moonee Ponds Creek were threatened.The Kensington Association not only battled the proposal but also played a key role in facilitating communication between the many community groups involved, including those the long-promised light rail to Doncaster should be the infrastructure priority.

Hands off Holland Park

In 2008, the Eddington Report recommended an East-West Road Tunnel. The plan showed the tunnel emerging in JJ Holland Park.  Notes said that the Park would be out of action for 5 to 8 years.  The Association rallied resident opposition.  In June 600+ residents met in the Park to show their opposition.  The rally received extensive media coverage.  Eventually the Government promised that if the Tunnel went ahead, our park would not be used as a construction and staging post.

Reuniting Kensington

In 2007, the Association provided leadership in a push to reunite Kensington under one Council, rather than being split between Moonee Valley and the City of Melbourne.  An Association poll of 600+ residents showed that over 90{bf13af3cd071fe7c10e51e8a32ec589add2d369b9cd351f59963a207f6f5bddf} favoured reuniting under the City of Melbourne.  Eventually the State Government held a review, this preferred option was adopted.

No airport rail on the  Broadmeadows Line

In 2000, the State Government proposed to use the Broadmeadows Line for a rail service to Melbourne Airport.  Residents were concerned about increased rail traffic, likely to be 24 hours.  As one group on the Line, the Kensington Association provided leadership to Kensington for people to have their say.  There were over 250 submissions from Kensington.  Eventually, in the face of opposition up and down the Line, the Government abandoned the proposal.  During the campaign, it was noted that the Albion rail freight line could be used for such a service.

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