Who are ‘KRFC Premiers 1903’?

Could 'KRFC' be Kensington?  Written on the back is 'Kensington' but 'K' could be Kew, Kerang, Kilmore or Kyneton!  We are looking into it.  If you have any info, please contact us!  info@kensingtonassociation.org.au

We have in mind a project to build up an archive of historical materials about Kensington.  We would ask to borrow and scan historic photos and documents of Kensington and its people that residents might have in their possession.   The photos would then be posted on this website.  More news later.  Meanwhile, if you have some interesting material right now that you would lend us to post on this site, please contact us.  info@kensingtonassociation.org.au

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